The Information Technology – IT and Innovation practice area involves general advisory on technology regulations, as well as all legal support in the technology field, such as drafting and negotiating agreements with government, IT suppliers etc.. Such practice involves, for example, legal aspects on businesses related to AI - Artificial intelligence; Blockchain; Cryptocurrencies; Privacy and Data protection; Digital platforms; e-commerce; Outsourcing; Internet of Things - IoT; Smart Contracts etc.

Our assistance also include legal advice to investors and start-up companies, including company formation, strategic agreements, regulatory issues, corporate governance, litigation etc.

With the continuous digitalization of all types of relations, clients in the technology industry (or not) daily face the upcoming challenges and opportunities of technology and the necessity of innovation. The legal implications and the adherence to such reality are unequivocal approaches that enterprises and individuals must

engage to develop its businesses nowadays.

The experience and multidisciplinary approach of SAEKI ADVOGADOS are fundamental for all of those technology-related issues.