SAEKI ADVOGADOS represents domestic and foreign clients in all areas of litigation and all classes of judicial disputes. Our litigation team handles lawsuits in state and federal courts throughout the Brazilian territory, and manages large lawsuit portfolios with the aim of securing efficacy in cost reduction and in the standardization of procedures for clients.

Our clients are usually involved in several types of disputes, which include automotive, corporate, contractual, credit recovery, banking, intellectual property, environment, real estate, civil liability, consumer, and other related matters.

Due to such a broad experience, our team is also able to issue legal opinions on a variety of topics and conduct thorough due diligence procedures on lawsuits.

Finally, as the adoption of arbitration and mediation to solve disputes in Brazil has been increasing significantly over the years, the development of the skills of SAEKI ADVOGADOS’ litigation counsels has followed such irreversible tendency. Our professionals are available to evaluate and draft contractual clauses to ensure that our clients choose the best alternative dispute resolution method and are also prepared to represent in arbitration and mediation proceedings whenever necessary.