Consumer protection and defense in Brazil are regulated by the Federal Constitution, the Consumer Protection Code, and other applicable laws.

The enactment of the Consumer Protection Code (Federal Law nr. 8.078/90) represented an achievement for the protection of rights of consumers of good and services.

Our consumer practice has worked extensively to ensure that our clients comply with the applicable laws and regulations for the structuring of a profitable business and the mitigation of unnecessary exposures.

Our consumer practice is also a multidisciplinary team. We offer preventive legal counseling by advising on regulations issued by the Consumer Protection Agency (Procon) and other authorities, structuring and reviewing contracts involving consumer relations, and providing advice on advertising and recall campaigns to ensure that product and service information is in accordance with the law. On the other hand, with extensive litigation experience, our professionals are qualified to assist clients in all stages of consumer-related litigation, particularly in case of product liability, representing clients in individual claims and judicial class actions, including public-interest civil actions and class actions brought by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, consumer associations, and other lawful parties.