Decree which creates the National Plan for the Internet of Things is published

On June 26th, the Decree no. 9854/2019, which institutes the National Plan for the Internet of Things, was published. The Decree formalizes discussions and debates on the promotion and implementation of the Internet of Things or IoT regime.

The Internet of Things technology refers to the establishment of connections between devices connected to the Internet, creating a synchronized network which, in turn, makes interactions between systems possible. In that sense, through the use of a smartphone app synchronized to a house’s lighting system, it would be possible to turn lights on and off remotely with a simple command from the smartphone.

Bearing in mind the great opportunities for technological and commercial advancements that the IoT can bring to Brazil, the Decree seeks to regulate and encourage the use and development of the technology in the country, setting up information security guidelines, protection of personal data in the operation of the IoT networks and the country’s integration in the international scenario, with the participation in forums and debates.

The National Plan also establishes strategic actions that make the progression of IoT viable in Brazil, creating mobilizing projects to facilitate the implementation of the Plan, such as the Platforms of IoT Innovation, Competence Centers for IoT Enabling Technologies and the National Observatory for the Tracking of Digital Transformation.

Lastly, the Decree also establishes the creation of the Chamber of Management and Tracking of the Development of Machine-to-Machine Communication Systems and Internet of Things, also referred to as the Chamber of IoT, an assistance entity which shall be responsible for aiding the implementation of the National Plan, promoting and encouraging partnerships between public and private entities and presenting mobilizing projects, amongst other attributions.

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