House of Representatives approves main text of the Temporary Measure of Economic Freedom

It was approved by the House of Representatives in the last Tuesday amendment proposal to the Temporary Measure n. 881 from April, 30th 2019, also known as Temporary Measure of Economic Freedom. The initial objective of the Temporary Measure is to debureaucratize the development of activities considered to be a low risk and to establish guarantees to the free market. However, in order to continue valid the Temporary Measure must be converted in a definitive law.

The House of Representatives has also presented amendments proposal with implication into Labor Law, such as:

i. possibility of work on Sundays and public holidays without payment in double if the employer  determines another day-off to compensate the employee;

ii. discharge of adoption of a time clock registry and control management system in establishments with up to twenty employees;

iii. authorization to use a time clock registry and control management system by exception regime to their regular working hours by settlement of an individual agreement, collective agreement or Collective Bargaining Agreement;

iv. issuance of electronic Work and Social Security Card.

The proposal has not yet been voted by the Senate and is subject to further amendments.

SAEKI ADVOGADOS remains fully available for any questions or comments.